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«Dear God, let me be damned a little longer, a little while.»
William Faulkner​

«Fallen» is characterized by gloomy references to blues, Folk Noir, Vaudeville-Chanson and Southern Gothic. Franky Silence’s latest work is full of swearing, moaning, ranting and raving. The protagonists know that they’re lost, but they don’t care anymore – they just continue.
Sabrina Troxler and Adi Rohner, a young artist couple, are Franky Silence. They have dedicated themselves to traditional American song writing.
The Ghost Orchestra with bass clarinet, accordion, banjo, marimba and waterphone creates an authentic soundscape – wistful and dark deserts, missed opportunities and thrown away happiness drifting over them. Desperados and fallen angels are travelling towards new horizons, which might bring salvation or, more probably, once more failure.
Skillfully composed, consistently arranged, with playful harmonies and chamber music subtleties, the band rumbles through a dimmed universe of sound. A sound, which could just as well unfold in a shabby theatre in the American Bible belt. «read more»

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